Dying Fetus
Wrong One To Fuck With
(Relapse Records)

Opening track “Fixated On Devastation” rips forward with razor sharp groove. Its gloomy aura hangs amongst the metallic clashing of drums, guttural vocal delivery, and guitar work that churns and shreds with violent aggression. So begins the brutality of Dying Fetus’ eighth studio release, Wrong One To Fuck With. In just a little over two decades, Dying Fetus has climbed to the top as one of death metal’s most extreme and outstanding acts. Constantly delivering on searing death metal instrumentation and evil vocals, Wrong One To Fuck With makes for a proud addition to the band’s discography.

Formula is fairly straight forward in what to expect out of the record. Wrong One To Fuck With takes the best aspects of the band’s grind and death influences, and rolls them up into one package. There’s the relentless tearing of fleshing grinding found in Purification Through Violence, that meets the flow and flavor of Reign Supreme. Vocally there isn’t too much range in style, but for Dying Fetus this creates no problem what so ever. As far as bands that can really present a feeling of evil and terror, these guys are right there towards the top. On Wrong One To Fuck With, the vocals produce an effect that is at once sinister, while bubbling with bile. The record as a whole captures this dangerous and intrusive vibe.

“Die With Integrity” lingers in at first with an ominous drone, slowly building up the tension with gloomy guitar chugging, all before firing off with speed. The drum work is balls to the wall chaotic in its pacing. One moment the track is slow and creates a hovering feeling of dread, all before cutting those ties to let loose anxiety provoking speeds. “Reveling In The Abyss” continues the band’s utter annihilation on grinding drum work, but adds plenty of juicy guitar rhythm. The album treks a happy middle ground of all out grind and some melodic rhythm. In this particular track, the guitar establishes an eerie nature in its minimal uses of light tone that meets darker and sharper sounds.

“Ideological Subjugation” forgoes any build up, and throws a middle finger to caution. Coming out with blazing speed, the track pummels the listener’s eardrums with blood gushing energy. Guitar rhythm maintains this energy up to the halfway point, where the band instrumentally shifts for a short amount of time into an oppressing doom. This hangs about to generate some despair, all before the song flips back to a violent rush to the end. “Unmitigated Detestation” takes a large chunk of the various elements heard throughout the record, and drops them throughout the track. This patchwork of various tones and tempo create an ever powerful sound of devastation that crushes with brutality, and stirs with hysteria.

For all its relentless and constant crushing weight, Dying Fetus’ Wrong One To Fuck With consistently keeps everything fresh.. Whether one looks at the work as a whole, or as individual songs, the material proudly displays absolute horror and technical chaos. From utterly crazy drumming, to evil provoking vocals, to guitar work that captures such a visceral violent energy, Dying Fetus has really outdone themselves on this album. Coming towards halfway through 2017, Wrong One To Fuck With is easily one of the year’s heaviest and most outstanding releases thus far.

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