The Rigel Axiom EP
(Blood Music)

The synthwave style has rapidly evolved from aping John Carpenter’s horror soundtracks into something more electric (pun intended). Groups like GosT, Perturbator, and Dan Terminus have taken the style into something more conceptual and interesting than just a vessel to craft haunting scores for horror movies in your head. However, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded why the original ideas were so captivating. Denmark’s Dynatron do just that, at quite expertly, with his latest EP. The Rigel Axiom¬†feels like a moody soundtrack to a sci-fi horror film about space exploration gone terribly wrong. Dynatron’s use of atmosphere is captivating, as you can really visualize where the film is in your head (or just enjoy the retrosynth goodness; you do you). If this is your first encounter (pun intended) with Dynatron, it’s a great starting point to a more old-school version of the current synthwave sound. This isn’t a showy or bombastic little album; it’s all about texture and mood, and Dynatron does a fantastic job creating that feeling of being stalked by a horrifying predator in outer space.

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