With All Their Might
(Unique Leader Records)

For whatever inane reason, every three piece band is a “power” trio, which I find just a tad humorous. There are a whole ton of groups that sound like they lack the might of two members, let alone three. Interestingly enough, the copy for Dyscarnate’s upcoming third record, With All Their Might, fails to mention the fact that this particular trio does not lack in power or might. Dyscarnate have quite a bit of hype surrounding them, especially in their native UK. It’s been five years since 2012’s excellent And So It Came To Pass, and with a new bassist/co-vocalist in tow (Al Llewellyn, whose voice sounds a good bit like Aborted’s Sven de Caluwe), it’s safe to say the trio are at their strongest yet.

Aside from Llewellyn’s vocals (which contrast beautifully with guitarist Tom Whitty’s deep-from-the-bowels-of-Hell growl), the band’s third record ushers in a sound that is monumentally heavy and loud. I want every death metal album to sound like With All Their Might: brash, clear, and loud without being ear-piercing. The amount of noise these three gentlemen produce is impressive, but what’s more noteworthy is how they get this racket to sound so compelling. The band’s style recalls a number of various death metal heavyweights (Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Aborted, and Immolation), yet the sound on this short and efficient record is all their own. Dyscarnate have always played a groove-based form of death metal, and that is on full display here. The opening trio of tunes contain some of the best death riffs I’ve heard in ages, particularly in “This Is Fire!” and “Iron Strengthens Iron”. If you don’t bust out your air guitar, you’re doing it wrong (to be fair, my cats graded my skills a solid “whatever”).

Throughout this stellar record, Dyscarnate sounds like a band ushering in the apocalypse, especially when they embrace some outside influences. “Traitors In the Palace” carries an ominous doom feel until it pivots in the latter half, and the borderline progressive “Nothing Seems Right” closes this record off beautifully. Through just eight songs, Dyscarnate prove they are back and completely worthy of taking their place on the modern death metal throne. With All Their Might feels like a classic already, and it’s a masterwork of riffing brilliance.

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