UK-based trio Echoic are here to prove that you can make radio pop with soul. Their second EP finds the group taking a shift towards more synth-based alt pop/rock, and the driving, anthemic tunes are accentuated by Conner Turner’s soulful British melodies. Thankfully, the band still sound more Bastille and later-era Anberlin than Coldplay or Imagine Dragons. There are still shades of a bit more musical dexterity and aggression (from their past work) sprinkled throughout this lovely EP. “Blame” and “Ghost” are both haunting synthpop ballads that just wash over the listener with solid hooks and impressive instrumental undercurrents. Despite sailing ever close to the sleepy pop radio formula, Echoic inject more than enough energy and soul to make this short EP stand much higher than you might expect.

Ultimately, despite lazy comparisons a certain type of crowd-pleasing pop rock, Shadows of You is too damn good and memorable to fall under the weight of such condemning references. The EP’s best track, “Next To You” highlights where Echoic stand above other similarly-inclined artists. The hook is sharper than Freddy’s fingers, and the song is more haunting than The Overlook Hotel. Echoic just plain know what the hell they’re doing, and this level of expertise is impressive. This is a band to watch.

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