Ecstatic Vision
Raw Rock Fury
(Relapse Records)

Take a trip into electric boogey land with the Ecstatic Vision album Raw Rock Fury. This eight-track journey into psychedelic blues rock is a majestic ride. The Philly based quartet known as Ecstatic Vision really know how to shovel out some trance inducing hypnotic jams from the ethereal realms.

Raw Rock Fury dips into the spice of legends like Hawkwind and the MC5, a spice of grimy flourishes that transcend space time with acidic harmonics, and a punk rock groove that keeps the hips moving. Raw Rock Fury provides 35+ minutes of heavy hitting jams that will lift you out of your seat.

One of my favorite aspects about this album are the multipart songs that take up more than half of the tracks. Raw Rock Fury runs together seamlessly like one long trip, and tracks like “Electric Step 1 & 2” and the three part “Twinkling Eye”.

This is a band that wants to get you high, but not in any kind of way that necessarily includes the consumption of external substance. This is totally a vibe thing felt by the power of music, an odyssey that can only be experienced by engaging with the vibrations. It’s a positive vibe, a vibe that allows you to feel alive and more than just human.

As bands like Black Sabbath and Motörhead immortalize their place in time as foundations from the past, we look toward artists that are ready to assume a mantle that could carry the torch forward for future generations. Ecstatic Vision holds the flame and spirit for future generations of astral riffs. Embrace the jams and lift off to higher space.

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