Edgar Allan Poe
The Raven
(Cadabra Records)

Those of you fond of Edgar Allan Poe, and who are in the mood to hear a spooky, yet splendiferous version of the tale of The Raven, there may be many of you especially in the season of Halloween. Look out Goblin lovers! This is scored by Maurizio Guarini of Goblin. Anthony DP Mann’s formality in his style of reading is due to his awesome experience in theatre and elsewhere his career has been extensive. Even if you are a literary person, this very listenable version of the classic poem with a theme of horror will certainly be to your taste.

Composer and musician Maurizio Guarini has provided the ambient music and sound effects with various instruments like the very eerie flute and spooky melodic harmonies, which you will enjoy and want to hear many times. If you haven’t heard the poem before this will charm you. Startling, and surprising to the ear, the meter and expressiveness of this poem manifest like the raven himself. The Classic lines like “Quoth the raven- ‘Nevermore!'” and the cries of “‘Lenore!’- Merely this and nothing more.” The world for young people and adults alike, whether or not they love Edgar Allan Poe, will be enhanced by this version of the classic tale in literary narration with a wonderful musical score.



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