I’m Only Dreaming
(Equal Vision Records)

It’s been a few years since the last Eisley record, Currents, but little has changed in the way of their sound in that time. I’m Only Dreaming plays the melancholy, atmospheric indie rock we’ve come to expect from the group, though slightly less organic. It’s still there in heart, but things feel a tad smoother, more polished. Tracks like “Always Wrong”, “Louder than a Lion”, and “You Are Mine” feature some of the liveliest and most memorable moments, while “Sparking” and “Rabbit Hole” are the most beautifully quiet, moving songs of the collection. I’m Only Dreaming could still benefit from some more energy and motion in its music, but this is the Eisley we’ve watched grow since the late 90s. They’ve made baby steps along the way, but at least they’re still going forward.

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