Italian death metal Gods Electrocution are back with a brand new record, Psychonolatry. This release is of note chiefly because this is the band’s first recording of original material since 2014 saw the release of Metaphysincarnation and comes some twenty years on from their classic, Inside The Unreal.

Dispensing with first impressions of Psychonolatry, Electrocution opted to come out full strength with all of the brutal hellscape and damnation of its predecessors. The band picks up the busted knuckle tempo right where they left off five years ago with a spastic, technically tight title track.

Electrocution thrive on gory, blood-and-guts death metal, whether it’s the in-your-face guitars and temple-smashing percussion on “Of Blood And Flesh” or the razor-gargling vocals spitting venom on “Misanthropic Carnage.” Everything on the record is a testament to brutality.

The instrumental intro on “Bolonga” (perhaps a tribute to their home town shadows) has a cool and muddled feeling to it as does the cavernous lead into the album’s closer, “Premature Burial.” But maximum volume and speed characterize most of Psychonolatry, like “Malum Intra Nos Est (Seneca I Century AD)” and “Organic Disease Of The Sensory Organs.” This is an album bent on stealing every breath the listener has before they have a chance to catch it.

However, as for repeat listens and elements of intrigue, for me, the songs on this album fall short of the standard set on Inside The Unreal. It’s crushing. It’s savage. But going back through Psychonolatry again leaves me feeling flat. After unpacking the rush, these songs are missing those little touches of texture and color that make them memorable and lasting.

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