Brooklyn based babe punks, Ellen and the Degenerates put their kick-ass character on display with their new EP, Herb Alert. Though the EP isn’t even ten minutes long, it achieves a great amount. With an excellent cast of band members, Ellen and the Degenerates feature giddy personality over a brief, but action-packed, showcase of wild and fun songs.

Herb Alert is a rapid fire of thrasher after thrasher, not unlike their previous work – but on the new EP, the Degenerates are more potent than ever. The claymation cover art of Herb Alert is brought to life in the music video for “Ellen 2020”, the explosive opening track of the EP. On “Smoochy” the band continues with more fast and crazy mosh pit music alongside compacted melodies and vocals that lead into a really fun, twisted switch up ending.

Ellen and the Degenerates come through with a machinegun spray of lyrics and gnarly instrumentals that shred, thrash, and bang. The closing track, “Milk” is one of the band’s best structured tracks to date, with a hook and layered vocals that work especially well. Some of the band’s most captivating lyrics and melodies appear on “Fair to Me”, with spirited, angsty, and youthful vocals and instrumentation spearheading the way.

To say a single member of Ellen and the Degenerates stands out the most wouldn’t be fair. They all stand out. The band of Degenerates; Elena, Naomi, Louis, Josh and Greg all contribute to the madness that is Herb Alert, and their contributions feel uniquely special on each blazing quick track. With Herb Alert, Ellen and the Degenerates deliver a solid collection of post-teen punk rock tracks to freak out to.

You can purchase the album here.


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