It’s probably difficult to imagine a record this steeped in sonic violence can be anything other than terrifying—and it is most certainly that—but more than anything else, Endon’s first release with new label Thrill Jockey is a boatload of fun. Fair warning going in, Boy Meets Girl is not a record for the sheepish or those who like their music easy to swallow. This Japanese act meld a host of ferocious styles—noise, grind, horrorcore, hardcore, and punk—all layered with vocalist Taichi Nagura’s singularly harrowing vocal talents.

Boy Meets Girl is the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film about love, and that comes through brilliantly. Songs ebb and flow (though whichever one of those is most raucous, that’s the majority of the runtime) and switch around with variations on a similar style. Some utilize a strong hardcore backbone with truly gnarly riffs, while others drift more into a grind-laden noise fest.

Not that love has to be terrifying, but Endon treat their sonic love story as a true nightmare, and the widescreen musical palette only emphasizes the full breadth of the band’s sonic scope. What may initially appear as the greatest amount of noise put to record (I mean that as a compliment) reveals itself fully with further time and inspection. There’s care put into the details that make Boy Meets Girl special.

Ultimately, Endon’s brand of sonic violence won’t be for everybody, but for those interested in taking a deep dive into something joyously menacing, few acts can dare achieve something like this. Boy Meets Girl is a treat for those willing to take the leap into the loud unknown.

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