As genre purity has gone out the window (thank God/Satan), we seem to be at a high point for the new breed of musical alchemists: the art of blending and hybridizing styles. Lithuanian noise monger, Erdve, offer up one Hell of a captivating dose of sonic mayhem that sounds like it’s successfully ushering in the apocalypse. Their sound recalls the harrowing noise metal of the criminally underrated Will Haven that’s been filtered through atmospheric black metal and post-rock, with a liberal dose of hardcore energy.

The group’s impressive debut is a lot to take in when the band are at full volume (the opening title track is truly menacing), but are at their best when they’re more contemplative. “Apverktis” is a post-metal instrumental haymaker that blends suspenseful songwriting and monumental riffs that explode at just the right time. “Prievarta” effectively utilizes a similar sludgy blackened framework to create a headbanging treat. Vocalist Vaidotas’ varied vocal approach is just as insane as the music that surrounds him, but the majority of Vaitojimas is impressively restrained in its approach. The production is, as expected in a record that soundtracks the Book of Revelation, extremely loud and punchy, and while that makes for a challenging listen at times, it adds to the feeling of unease that permeates this wild and vicious debut.

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