Finding an artist who constantly grows as not only a musician but as a human too is truly warming to hear. Esther Rose does just that. Promising her fans that she’s ‘always changing’, the fact is cleared up throughout the LP to be nothing more than the truth.

Striving with complete passion and a drive to get past every challenge on the route, You Made It This Far released through Father/Daughter Records on August 23. Produced by Esther herself while traveling back and forth to New Mexico and New Orleans, is there anything this lady can’t do?

“Always Changing” evolves into a beautiful, budding rose. Stripped to it’s core to begin with, its ever-changing arrangement shines old school country and Americana with Esther’s warming vocal tone. A beautiful adaption to how fast time goes by.

“Handyman” is a previously heard single that features a rhythmical adventure of wonder. Yearning for a fresh start, there’s a sense of longing for the old times while trying to wipe off the cobwebs of the past. Breathing the fresh air of a bright future, “Handyman” sets the album down a brightly colored avenue.

“Five Minute Drive” tells the story of Esther’s morning drives with her sister when she was a teenager. Longing for the future and thinking how slow days go when you’re young, the honesty though this tune plays close to any age group’s heart. The instrumentation yearns for a fast-paced track, but it’s mid-beat rhythm fits the subject with great ease.

Infectious and filled with a love scent, “Only Loving You” plays a big part in the album’s core. Showcasing the contagious feeling of wanting to be loved and being in love, you can smell the roses from the warm production. It’s the type of track you’d hear in a coming-of-age film when the protagonist finally gets their ‘love.’

“Sex and Magic” gives a sultry take on Esther’s music. Country meets jazz, it’s like a country version of “La Vie En Rose.” With a desirable amount of lust, the smooth track features a raw production that sounds vintage.

“Lower 9 Valentine” sticks to old-school, country roots. The twang in Esther’s vocals coat the arrangement with a blanket of comfort. Timeless and effective, the track tells a tale of a golden love. Everyday is Valentine’s day when you find that special someone.

“Three” aches from its past. Thinking of the decision of her parents selling their family farm, you can hear that Esther’s vulnerability in this decision is still as important as it was when it happened. You can hear the pain that she felt of letting go, but that she’s willing to accept and move on. This is a beautiful serenade that’s a personal favorite of mine. “Rio en Medio” jives straight from the start to the finish. You’ll find yourself swaying with a huge smile on your face while listening.

Title track “You Made It This Far” simply brings the album together. Going through all the emotions while in the songwriting process, this track hits the nail on the head that artists can go through roller coaster rides to get their creativity. Showcasing honesty through her pure songs, it’s amazing to hear an artist be so comfortable.

“Don’t Blame It on the Moon” was written just days before the final recording session. Recorded with Mashed Potato Records in New Orleans, this last number is an ode to the beginning, because, after all, it’s not a final goodbye. A friendly nudge to empathy, the clarity within the mix is smooth. An exceptional album from Esther Rose.

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