Everyone Dies In Utah
(InVogue Records)

Here is a band that has made some major improvements to their sound over the years. Mixing metalcore and screamo primarily, Everyone Dies In Utah have returned with a stronger influence of ambient and atmospheric rock to expand their formula further (think of the latest Crown the Empire record for an idea). The heavier stuff is tight and chaotic, while their sung sections feel more anthem-like and powerful. In the opening track, Martinez sings “We are going to give it all we have until it’s over,” which holds perfectly with the feel of this self-titled effort; the band really seem to be shooting for the heavens with these tracks. The passionate and effort bleeds out from the music obviously, making for a passionately crafted album. Balanced, crafty, edgy, and evoking of emotion, Everyone Dies In Utah have created a recommended release here. If these tracks are any indication of what’s to come, you may just be looking at the next Word Alive.

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