(Jealous Butcher Records)

Portland-based Indie pop outfit Eyelids were able to get Peter Buck to produce or, their latest. The task was fitting as Eyelids sounds like one of the most obvious choices to pick up the flag that R.E.M. left on the ground when the band split up about six year ago.

Combining jangly guitars with sweet melodies, Eyelids come across as effortlessly sublime on the dozen tracks that make up this sophomore album. Songs like the album opener, “Slow it Goes,” and “Camelot” which harkens back to Murmur-era R.E.M., manage to sound both simple and flawless, ideal dream pop songs. There are a few weaker tracks toward the end, but overall the record is a very solid step forward for the group.

Only two records into it, the band plays like veterans who have decades of experience behind them (though to be fair, individually, members have played with folks like Robert Pollard, Elliott Smith and Stephen Malkmus).

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