Formed back in 2005 in Maine, the folk and black metal outfit of Fall Of Rauros is back with their fifth studio album, Patterns In Mythology.  The record, which was released on July 19 via Gilead Media, features six songs that showcase the band’s unique infusion of the two genres while also cementing the reason why they are a mainstay in the black metal community.  While six songs may not seem like a heavy undertaking for your ears, don’t let the short song count fool you into thinking Patterns In Mythology is a quick run through. Rather, this album feels like a record with well over 10 songs; which is in no means a bad thing. 

The reason for the lengthiness can be credited to the fact that those six songs mostly hit over the five-minute mark while also featuring intense minutes-long build-ups, gorgeously produced instrumentals and a harrowing vocal delivery at just the right moments. The mixture of all those things takes the listener on an interesting journey through the band’s mindset at the time of recording the album, while also showcasing the maturity and talents that can only come from being in a band for more than a decade. 

Furthermore, Patterns In Mythology shows the band taking the time to highlight the instrumentals of this album; which is something that helps give it a fresh and inviting feels despite the songs being so long. Whether that be the hauntingly intricate strums of the guitar to the powerful and consistent backing of the drums; by focusing their attention to the instrumental backings, with such an ease, it takes this album to a whole other level. All in all, Patterns In Mythology is another solid addition to Fall Of Rauros’ music catalogue that showcases the band’s lengthy history and talent. 

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