Aptly titled Six (its place in the band’s discography), the new For the Fallen Dreams record follows-up Heavy Hearts with another step up in the expansion of their formula. It’s nothing drastic – this still feels very much rooted in hardcore – but Six features a fair amount of clean vocals (primarily in the choruses), as well as some elevated screams and theatrical elements instrumentally. This makes for a larger sounding collection, one with more depth and personality than any before it.

“Stone” opens with some anthem-like elements to boost its impact; “The Undertow” features some dream-like arrangements that work well with the explosiveness that then erupts within the track; “Forever” stands out as the big “fuck you” entry, and a beast at that; “Two Graves” has moments of serenity, followed by outrage; and “Hypnosis” brings together all the expanded elements in one finely crafted track that sticks.

Ultimately, Six is the strongest release by For the Fallen Dreams yet. It’s not without its faults (for example, the record basically runs through without any obvious finale), but they are minute. This will likely go down as a favorite for the genre this year.

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