Of Feather and Bone fans have been begging for a full-length release for some time, and finally, they have it. Bestial Hymns of Perversion is living up to everyone’s expectations and then some.

Musically, the record is pretty similar to the band’s demo, released in 2016. It still offers the same full-frontal death metal assault with esoteric lyrics and a cool, grimey vibe. But it’s obvious that the group really took their sound seriously with this record. The tracks are even more refined and polished than on their first release, and the riffs seem a little more developed as well.

The songs on this album have really great names, true to epic death metal form. “Lust for Torment” is one of the most memorable songs on the record, standing out with really strong riffs and pummeling drums. The record also flows really well, another nod to the importance of listening to an album all the way through in death metal culture.

If you’re a fan of the band at all, or if you’re looking for some really good death metal to sink your teeth into, this one is definitely worth a listen.

Purchase the album here. 


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