Figure It Out
Silence Isn’t Golden

A little bit of pop. A little bit of punk. That’s it. It’s nothing too far-fetched. Really pretty easy to figure out. That’s exactly what Phoenix Arizona’s pop punk foursome Figure It Out have done with their latest EP Silence Isn’t Golden. Complete with catchy, high energy guitar riffs, sing along choruses, and angst driven vocal melodies. Figure It Out don’t stray too far from the pop punk path with this handful of head bobbing songs.

From the start of the EP, Figure It Out carry an arsenal of sound fit for and MTV spring break segment. These guys would have been on TRL for sure, just a decade or two too late. As illustrated in “Second Best”, the first track off of Silence Isn’t Golden, the Phoenix fourpiece have honed in on their high energy, easy going pop punk roots. They definitely have a similar sound you’ve heard at least once before. A nice blend of All Time Low and I Call Fives with a drip of vocal angst similar to The Story So Far.

Figure It Out aren’t setting trends or breaking barriers with this EP by any means. They are however keeping up with the pop punk times. From the catchy sing a long chorus in “Lullaby” to the simple guitar leads and vocal driven verses in “Silence Isn’t Golden” to the grand acoustic finale “Sleep Without You” you could have sworn you heard before. Pop punk isn’t for everyone, but for those who have figured it out, Figure It Out will be right up their ally. Everything wanted in a standard pop punk band. Nothing more, nothing less.

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