Fire In The Radio
New Air
(Wednesday Records)

This could really be a very brief review, as only 4 words are necessary, i.e. You Need This Now. However, some formalities are unavoidable, I suppose, so let’s make this quick so you don’t waste anymore time not owning these 7 tunes.

The sophomore album from these Philly natives highlights the best melodic punk from the ’90s, adds a smattering of New Wave, shoegaze and even grunge to the driving guitars, soaring harmonies and arsenal of hooks resulting in a quality of song craft akin to Banner Pilot or The Menzingers. For the older crowd, imagine late period Hüsker Dü growing up on early Merge albums and a copy of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and you’ll understand how it doesn’t seem possible that anyone will release a better record this year.

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