On a sonic level, it seems that the latest Fit for a King record suffers slightly from a formula that has either staled or settled with time. As such, Dark Skies isn’t as immediately impressive or fulfilling as previous releases in the band’s early career (Creation/Destruction, in particular, came out swinging in such a way you couldn’t help but take notice), but still features numerous sections of undeniable power and exemplary writing.

Lyrically, it stands out time and time again. “Price of Agony” is fueled by its ripping verses (especially in its start: “Our world’s divided in a race that no one can win / the worst is ignited / all the hate that is burning within”). “Backbreaker” bursts forth as a pummeling assault that keeps from beginning to end; “Anthem of the Defeated” is propelled by a hardcore influenced coating, made especially effective in its chorus (“If I don’t fix my life, I could die tonight”); and both “When Everything Means Nothing” and “Oblivion” show the rounded ability of the band to create something truly remarkable and lasting.

With a little more diversity to help expand the record–“Debts of the Soul” worked well as a bridge; small touches like this could have gone a long way–Dark Skies could have been remarkable. But, as it stands, several opportunities seemed to have been missed. Nevertheless, Fit for a King have provided another bounty of glorious metalcore with Dark Skies, and fans are likely to rejoice the product; it certainly has power.

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