I have a weird bias against splits and EPs, in part because I don’t have a vinyl player, but moreso because I generally prefer the full-length experience (Michael Scott, where are you?). It’s a a weird and false bias, since I often complain that a full-length album contains a fair bit of filler. Why not just cut the fat and give me simply the good stuff? That’s definitely the case with this excellent four-song Fk Mt./Iris Jupiter split from Open Door Records. The two bands are clearly distinct, yet their styles marry punk, stoner rock, grunge, and garage rock for a release that maximizes fuzzy riffs and energy.

Iris Jupiter actually starts things off, and their efficient brand of stoner punk is a serious joy to listen to; it’s like if Weezer actually rode in on their Hash Pipe, but it was laced with Pixies sticks. “Riff Jockey” is the best of their two songs (and the best of the bunch), as it sounds like a homing missile straight to your cranium, fueled by urgency. However, the boisterous and manic “Buzz Cut” is no slouch either. There’s a hint of skate punk that helps explain how Iris Jupiter can successfully cram so much into sub-two-minute jams.

Fk Mt. are a much more methodical beast. While Iris Jupiter was more of a sonic experiment of what would happen if you gave skate punks weed, acid, and cocaine at the same time (DO NOT DO THIS), the second half of the split is more in line with grungy, shoegaze-y punk. Things are more purposeful and drawn out, so while the first half never allowed you to take a breath, Fk Mt. want you to sit back and stay for a while. Hell, there’s even time for some actual hooks, as “Take It Slower” has a wonderful melody that has stuck with me long after this short split is finished.

Ultimately, this Fk Mt./Iris Jupiter split is a glorious example of two very different but similarly minded acts that came together to release one Hell of an EP. While Fk Mt. offer up a more easy-to-digest and melodic style, Iris Jupiter’s passion and energy shine through. Those looking for garage punk groups that love a good riff need to get on this release and keep an ear (or two) out for two very promising bands.

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