The Flatliners
Inviting Light
(Rise Records / Dine Alone Records)

It’s been four years since The Flatliners last put out a studio record, but they certainly haven’t allowed the rust to set in. On Inviting Light, the band turns in their most consistently solid record to date.

The Flatliners have come a long way since their 2005 debut and over the years they have flirted with everything from ska and hard rock to pop punk, but the latest is the best of every attribute the band has picked up on their musical evolution; it grabs the intensity of their hardcore influences and the backing vocals best associated with pop punk and has mixed all into a straight ahead punk album, not unlike former labelmates Dead To Me or Swingin’ Utters.

Now signed to Rise Records in the U.S. and Dine Alone Records in Canada, the Ontario-based foursome have managed to trim away any unnecessary excess and turn in a dozen tracks that manage to fly by. From the ominous opening riffs that start of the album on the opener “Mammals” through slow-tempo jams like “Chameleon Skin” and blistering anthems like “Infinite Wisdom” and “Sympathy Vote” the band’s sound is as taught – and Chris Cresswell’s vocals are as strong – as they have ever been. I have no idea what the band has been doing between albums, but it’s certainly worth replicating the next time around.

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