The Italian orchestra for the dead and dying Fleshgod Apocalypse are back with their raging new album Veleno, which appropriately means venom in the band’s native language. On their new record, the band sound poignant but absolutely huge, taking the in-your-face intensity of familiar death metal to new heights not just via high-flying theatrics but also via the monumental rush behind their most blood-curdling musical elements. They funnel the energy of their presentation into the sheer force of their music, wasting nothing. There’s a clear sense of focus underlying the band’s newest offering, which seeps into the listener’s psyche and does wonders for making the outfit’s vision truly come alive. They’ve jumped past introductions and set listeners down right in the middle of an intensely alive wonderland of horrors, where you’ve got no idea what exactly is around the bend, just the sinking suspicion that you should start running. In other words, if you like your musical adventures to be far more off the edge than most — Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Veleno has got you covered and then some.

On a musical level, they’ve made maniacally intense death metal alluring and even romantic at times, which not only is hardly something you might expect but carries a ton of its own weight. The band by and large do not sound like they’re waiting around or just trying to fill any empty space at any point in their new album. Veleno has Fleshgod Apocalypse as straightforwardly brutal as ever, hitting the ground running and delivering every element of their latest presentation with an inescapable passion that ensures this music will stick with you. The songs are primally raging, but poignant and commanding, like the beast captured within has been developing its expertise with slinking into psyches for who knows how long.

While truly never letting their core death metal vision get too far away from them, Fleshgod Apocalypse deliver a lot more than the baseline extreme metal experience on their new album. The burn here is controlled; where other similar records might place the listener’s perspective with some of those getting trampled in some capacity, the power behind Veleno feels like it switches that, leaving the listener on the “throne” directing the chaos. The band have transformed fleeting, raging energy into infusion-ready power.

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