Les Irreals Visions
(Season of Mist)

Foscor are both like and quite unlike their fellow post-black metal brethren. Starting out as a more traditional black metal group, this Spanish group have slowly left behind the cvlt but never left behind the grim. Their name is Catalan for “darkness”, and the melancholy is very strong with their latest work. Les Irreals Visions showcases a band finally comfortable in their own skin. Foscor haven’t completely shed their black metal layer, as numerous songs feature blast beats and second-wave riffing. However, this is much more in line with Katatonia, Solstafir, and Lantlos (with maybe a touch of fellow countrymen Obsidian Kingdom).

Foscor are masters at creating a beautifully dark atmosphere, and the use of their native tongue, Catalan, gives these songs a dream-like quality. Edges are blurry (much like how the band views genre restrictions), and while Les Irreals Visions is often mid-tempo, the band’s sense of progressive (and genuinely surprising) songcraft is on full display. The choice to go (almost) all-in on clean vocals was a wise choice, as the often multi-layered voices are sublime. Their melodies are often uplifting, which contrasts well with the somber music surrounding it.

On their fourth record Foscor have finally blossomed into a beautiful dark progressive rock/metal behemoth. Their stunning display of restraint and truly progressive song structures create a listening experience that transports the listener into a dreary dreamscape, and it’s very easy to want to stay there for quite a while.

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