Fox Face
Spoil + Destroy
(Dirtnap Records)

Milwaukee’s very own Fox Face is proud to share a fierce feminist jammer in their debut release Spoil + Destroy. The 12 tracks bounce around with everything from surf rock, punk, to bits of doom-like distortion. Opening track “(What You’re) Good For” explodes with upbeat party vibes. The surf rock aura makes itself known in the bright guitar twang and high tempo drum work. The vocals coast along with the pleasant aura, while also adding an aggressive edge to the track.

Spoil + Destroy does a tremendous job of presenting an overall fun atmosphere. Whether the band is taking a song’s lyrics in a serious or playful direction, the result is always a banger that pumps away with pure adrenaline and liveliness. The sound certainly honors that of acts like Bikini Kill, The Coathangers, and Sleater-Kinney. There might be one track where the band comes off innocent and all about having fun, and in the next track they amp up the volume to 11, ripping away with their instrumentation and belting with rage. “Clever Girl” begins with a Black Sabbath-like doom tone, quickly shifting into a more upbeat banger that whips back and forth. “(You’re Gonna) Wish You Were Dead” plays with this exact same formula, but still presents an entertaining air with its poppy distortion. “Boogie Man” shakes things up by beating away the drums, and unleashing a wild and fiery blend of rhythms and melodies.

“Nasty Woman” honors the upbeat instrumentation heard so far throughout the album, leaning more towards the aggressive side of things. Even though the instrumentals are enjoyable and a blast to hear, the elements that make them become very common. It isn’t a bad repetitive nature, for the album never comes off as boring thanks to just how enjoyable and intense it plays out. The lyricism also adds an extra layer to each song, with some tracks playing to a tongue-in-cheek attitude, with others being more direct in their political themes. Examples of these lyrics range from, “Watch out this pussy will bite you back!” (from “Nasty Woman”) to “I believe / In research/rationality” (from “I Believe In Science”). This mix keeps the overall music fresh and catchy with each new song, giving the listener something to constantly enjoy.

Spoil + Destroy is an excellent start for Fox Face, and a strong testament in regards to their talent. An excellent presentation of rockin’ instrumentation that will lure listener’s in with its catchiness and aggression, along with lyrics that will get your blood pumping with a warrior spirit, make Spoil + Destroy a thrilling album that jams away from beginning to end.

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