Frank Weysos
Teddy Blood
(Texas Is Funny Records)

Frank Weysos decided to let his psyche slip into a drug induced symphony, because Teddy Blood is that and more. It’s a blended dream pop orchestra. The whim and charm help make the melodies stick out against the haze found in the lyrics — or rather the thematic longing for drugs, sex, blood and hell. It makes the record that much more fun to listen to. It is worry free to the point that even questioning the ridiculous, mellow delivery of the stories across the record seem like background noise, because you are hypnotized; because your own inner conscious is running rampant with Frank Weysos and you are left a vegetable.

That would have been a good way to end this review, but Teddy Blood opens with “Cry Baby,” and sets up a main motif across the rest of the album. The familiarity of lyrical and musical themes introduced in this track ride throughout the rest of the record, bringing about a woven blanket of figuring out just how to be happy. “When You Die” picks up the lyrical themes of crying but assures you that if you just try to be happy, things can be okay. “Sex” uses the musical whim from “Cry Baby” and distorts it while wanting to do drugs and have sex, building story points to flip through like a comic book, albeit one that gives up on trying to hide anything.

“Laredo” is a charming love song about moving to Laredo, Texas riddled with current terminology (“Cause you can be my boo and I can be your dude and we can rock this bitch”). It’s short, to the point of its subject matter and buffed with catchy melodies. “Running Up The Stairs” is a scaled back song in terms of energy. The chill atmosphere is limped on by a drum beat and Weysos’ trudging vocal offering. It shows the creativity and erratic stylings of Frank Weysos creative identity.

For 15 songs, half an hour is a beautiful run time. It’s just enough of an album to hear, be dazzled and then play again. All in an hour’s time span. Hell, I can lose my mind for an hour a day thanks to Teddy Blood. Frank Weysos created a record that is self aware and not afraid to show what humanity can be. The record ends with “There Are Days Pt. 2” and it makes you question if everything around you is really happening, or if it ever did happen. Is Teddy Blood an anecdote for our own thoughts or is it just a playful trick on our senses? Maybe even after all of our self diagnoses and self remedies we still don’t exactly know the key to happiness, but at least it’s a fun listen.

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