Frontier Ruckus
Enter The Kingdom
(Sitcom Universe)

How Michigan’s Frontier Ruckus have managed to put out 5 albums and elude stardom is beyond me, as this is some of the most well thought out and sweet chamber indie-folk I’ve heard. Though Matthew Milia’s adolescent vocals may require some acclimation (they just sound so… innocent), his vivid storytelling is easy to grasp onto, and the banjos, sweeping orchestral moments and overall warmth are as universal as the vocal harmonies with Anna Burch. Though they hail from Detroit, Enter The Kingdom sounds closer to Nashville, where it was recorded, and displays a level of sophistication from decades ago and a quality of songwriting that far exceeds their ages. An ideal break from today’s turmoil, the serenity and flourishing beauty here is reminiscent of the final and criminally overlooked album from The Promise Ring.

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