Indie folk artist Fruit Bats returns with his first album in three years. Waiting eager and ready to push play, the writer behind the music Eric D. Johnson has created some of his best work yet. Beneath the core of it’s arrangement, the recording process and experiencing things to then write about, this is an album that will leave you wanting more. What better not to just stick the album on repeat, eh?

‘The Bottom of It’ highlights psychedelic rock with a clear pop shoegaze. With setting a lovely atmosphere for the album ahead, the song deals with the simple but pleasing things. It’s dream like nature sets the album in tact for what seems to be a smooth sail from here. Title track ‘Gold Past Life’ begins with an Outkast arrangement meets the Bee Gees vocal section before returning to the light breeze that Eric delivers throughout the album. Radiant but holding onto an nostalgic aura, this would have been a hit in the seventies. Refreshing but holding onto the past, it’s a spark that won’t ever fade.

‘Drawn Away’ lingers with more of an Americana approach. It doesn’t feel as prominent as the two tracks already, but it’s great to hear Fruit Bats in a new different light. It’s a number that showcases you don’t have to stick to one influence/genre within your music.‘Cazadera’ is a playful number that’s memorable hook line lingers in your head even once it’s over. There’s something 90’s sounding about this song, there’s a care free vibe to it’s arrangement and makes it feel like a polished Supergrass track. A strong contender on the album so far. 

‘Ocean’ waves us in a ‘coming of age’ direction and fits in a warm summer glow. Feel good track with a simple but very much effective production. With exclamation marks around love hearts, it’s for anyone that’s in love or just loves where they are right now. ‘Your Dead Grandfather’ holds a reminiscing nature of missing someone. There’s a strong comfort in the lyrics that’s a friendly nudge to make you believe that even though someone’s gone, they’re always here in spirit if you just believe. It’s a fascinating approach to hear a track about mourning someone in a lovely, enlightening way. 

‘A Lingering Love’ features a phaser type guitar introduction before routing us back to the americana vibes. It doesn’t feel as powerful as the other messages on the album. ‘Barely Living Room’ brings it down a notch or two. The simplicity of this hit will leave you breathless with it’s way of telling a story. A great use of chords, melodically it’s a wonderful journey of emotions. A personal favourite of mine and definitely will be if you’re a fan

‘Mandy from Mohawk (Wherever You May Be)” feels like a Bob Dylan inspired modern take on a country ballad. It works really well and seems like it would be beautiful to hear live as well as listen to the recording. ‘Dream Would Breathe’ draws the album into an almost close with it’s way of dreaming but still holding your attention throughout. Whereas last track ‘Two Babies in Michigan’ sticks with the dream like nature but features more of a ‘fist bump into the air’ with it’s powerful message. A beautifully crafted album that just proves that Fruit Bats just keeps on getting better and better. 

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