Just a warning, because you will need to buy this record; when you google “fucked and bound” even the descriptor, “hardcore”, the action will not render the band’s material. Quite different. Maybe pictures and websites which are already in your cache. Not my business. But when the inevitable fervent search for Fucked And Bound’s music, be sure to include the term “band”. Members of He Whose Ox Is Gored of Seattle have formed this treacherous, confrontational hardcore punk band, Fucked And Bound. The name echoes the lyrics and screams to shock and retain your attention. They are not just a heavy hardcore punk band. Suffrage, their first release, embodies politics and declarations regarding today’s female perspective in this society and scene.

Suffrage‘s song unabashedly incorporate a rock swing and groove feel while still being rough and coarse. (early) Coliseum and Trap Them all come to mind. FAB may venture into d-beat but that is too limiting a term. The swing of Despise You is paired with the brash impact of Fucking Invincible, Heresy and Dropdead. Suffrage has amazing production, heavy on the low end. The rumble in the bass and drums rides dirty and low. Suffrage was tracked and mixed by Robert Cheek at Electric Wall Studios and ExEx Audio and mastered by Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sound Services. Cheek and Bickel took this quartet’s sporadic spasms and eclectic amassing of influences and molded quite a finished product. Some of these songs take grander, pulsating moments with angular indulgences (the third track, “Dead Bop”, is the first to tease this; “My Love” again visits this.). Some slower sludge parts peppered throughout give the album the variation and refuses to be repetitive. Twelve songs range from 30 seconds to 2 minute; ending with a four minute joint as the thirteenth track.

Lisa Mungo has a combative pair of lungs and a scratchy throat. Her commanding vocals charge forward above the thrashing riffs and blistering drums. And while feminist issues are presented, do not brush Suffrage‘s lyrics with a single stroke. The band’s approach to feminism expounds into every citizen’s duty to question the established paradigms of Western culture. Extrapolation is a tool. Fucked and Bound – beyond its jarring sexual connotation – is a perfect name for the band, because it encapsulates their cynical viewpoint of the average person’s condition. The nihilistic response may be bleak but fuck me if it doesn’t give us a killer record.

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