At times old-school, other times modern, Furiosa have a rock blend that tracks multiple styles on their debut, Look, Don’t Listen. Some of the beats and vocals have a lounge room vibe (such as “2 High 2 Party”), while others are more propelled and anthem-like (such as their single, “Lovers and Haters”); ultimately, the band is at their best when trying for the louder stuff, but they rarely do. The record, as a whole, actually falls somewhere around the laid back appeal of mid-career Alkaline Trio and late-career AFI. However, there’s not much energy or originality within the songs here, making the set feel best suited as background noise. The thing is, Furiosa have a consistency for lyrical repetition, and it tends to get the best of them along the way. That being said, one can listen through their debut and hear the potential lurking there; with some more time and exploration of their formula, the band could probably release something noteworthy. But as their debut stands, it seems as if Furiosa could still use a bit of work in the department of writing.

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