Reborn in Blasphemy
(Shadow Kingdom Records)

These Italian doom metal artists are playing musical noise for your ears to nibble on (like a looming gargoyle would), and it will impress you with the atmosphere they have created. Listen to the forcer of gloom would be pleasant, if not only slightly uncomfortable for the feeling of finding yourself in a predicament, as if you have walked into a storm. To describe this, it involves submitting yourself to the total control of the band.

No regrets, as you listen to the thundering growls the songs imbue your mind even if there are subconscious or subliminal messages. I’ll venture to guess that these metal musicians have chosen this as a preferred method of communicating your very doom. There is the slow percussive din of the riveting snare and crashing cymbals, resounding bass-lines, rhythmic guitars, even screeching, bells, and teasingly melodic lead guitar.

In “The Highlander” searing rain adds to the vocals that echo throughout. The chanting provides only the haunting voice of ruination, and it will hypnotize you, guaranteed. There is enough rhythm to make the experience enjoyable. These are actually cassette tapes which are so coveted that they might even disappear out of nowhere. Be sure not to steal one from your neighbor, if you do get you hands on one – but remember to share it.

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