All Get Out
Nobody Likes a Quitter
(Bad Timing Records)

It’s hard to believe that the much anticipated album, Nobody Likes a Quitter, is only 36 minutes long. There’s a lot packed into that half hour, from anxiety to longing, from happiness to sadness, chaos to calm, spurred on by the band’s signature sound and production from indie darlings Manchester Orchestra.

“Room To Talk” picks up where 2011’s The Season left off, loud and displaying the kind of controlled chaos the band is so very good at. “Home” is driving hard, the band seeming to push through it like a football player on the practice field. “Chasing Skirt” is the upbeat standout, a foot tapping jam laced with a feeling that can’t quite be placed– unfulfilled longing, perhaps– that flows into “Whatever”, a song that leaps out at you and wraps its fingers around your heart, squeezing harder at every verse and chorus. “Empty Nest” lets you take a break for a split second, then “Get My Cut” and “Now You Got It” throws you back into things.

Perhaps what the band is best at is writing songs that are adaptable to any situation the listener is in. Take “Come and Gone” and “Let Me Go” from The Season. Those are the two most heartbreaking songs in the band’s catalog and they’ve outdone them both with Quitter’s closer, “Wait List”. There’s so much emotion and rawness in the song that it makes your heart sore just to think of it. “Wait List” and its emotional kin are what make All Get Out a band to watch, it’s where they excel and stand out. Their faster songs are fantastic, but the songs that grab you and pull you in, the ones that hold you up through the hard times in your life, those are the ones that are really make the band special.

The five year wait for the album was agonizing for All Get Out’s die-hard fans, but the finished product was more than we could have ever imagined.

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