Ghoulgotha / Ruin (US)
Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease
(Blood Harvest)

Blood Harvest whips out malicious metal on wax as 2016 burns into memory. This 250 pressing limited release promotes the terrifying sounds of two California bands; San Diego’s Ghoulgotha and Colma’s Ruin. The EP is stained with one track from each band, both at 5 minutes.

Ghoulgotha rips into its side A with boastful riffs of badassery. The drums are mixed in well to push the agenda of evil and chaos. The band has two full lengths and two Eps under their bullet belts. Their volcanic assault here is a mid-tempo of roiling riffs and rhythms of sludge-tastic death. At two minutes, the snare blasts forward and some dynamic guitar lines add variation and flavor. Strong songwriting permeates the track. The final minute may be the best, writhing in vitriol and vigor.

Ruin’s side plods slowly. The track opens with maddening screams. The ornery sounds of feedback, slow drums and caustic distortion awakens. Soon, a bludgeoning riff accompanies snarling vocals. The atmosphere of terror with thick, thunderous death doom spews from its fetid cavern. Ruin masters the churning, twisting elements and pummels with low end splendor. The band exhibits progress from their two demos.

Pick this up on 120 copies on Black Vinyl, 50 copies on Clear Vinyl, 50 copies on Grey Vinyl or 30 copies on Yellow Vinyl (Blood Harvest Web-Shop & Band only).

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