Gnaw Their Tongues
Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent
(Consouling Sounds / Tartarus)

Amidst the bleak and punishing graininess of Netherlands’ Gnaw Their Tongues, there is a sort of sunlight packed deep within the music. Though brief, it does inform the sound rather startlingly. I believe you can hear it through the process of dismantling the method. What it takes for a one-man enterprise to achieve such a result, this is bore out of concentration. The music appears at the surface so insanely dark and brooding, but alas, it is pure joy that constructs it. The band’s newest album Hymns For The Broken, Swollen, And Silent, is highlighted by its soaring crescendos and perfect electronic drums, but lives most prominently, as pure and convincing expression.

There’s a lot to like on the new record: soft classical drones, artful mashes of noise and technicality, and staunch individualism (a classic GTT trait), but the most amazing feature is its inspirational tone. You can tell it’s crafted with blood, and this blood runs thick over every pattern and odd jaunt put forth. Dimensional is a term that could be applied, but it’s an earthly dimension to be sure: something like “you’re trapped here, so you better wade in the wretchedness or lose out, because this is your one shot.”

Yet theory can’t quite match the power of the record’s method, which comes across so excellently and meaningful. It’s refined and holds back on so many levels, and this is also where its magic lies: to respect the space in between, to see the grand vision, and to dwell in pure creation. GTT has made over thirty records, and the new one feels as fresh and pure as anything they’ve ever done. Mories, the madcap behind the band, has an inclination for truth: you can hear it, you can feel it, and you will experience on Hymns For The Broken, Swollen, And Silent.

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