God Mother
(Party Smasher Inc.)

When soon-to-be-former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist, and Party Smasher Inc., head honcho, Ben Weinman signed this Swedish band, he made a comment that said, the “torch has officially been passed”. Though, it would take a lot for any band to fill the shoes left behind by the soon to be departed DEP, he was definitely onto something, because this Swedish four piece play a style of metallic hardcore that draws heavily from the legendary band. They know how to do controlled chaos quite well, but they also, pepper these moments with bursts of sludge. They definitely play in the same ballpark as bands such as Converge and the DEP.

They have a quite lethal and developed sound. It shows that Weinman’s statement wasn’t just pure PR hyperbole, because Vilseledd (the band’s first album for Party Smasher Inc., but second overall) marks the arrival of a major new talent on the extreme music scene. On it, you get everything from :32 shit fits of chaotic hardcore to longer, more pummeling pieces.

In fact, the album opens with one of those :32 bursts of invective in “Dodfodd”. It’s followed by the 1:18 ripper, “By The Millions”, before settling into a the mid-paced pummeling of “Tar Mirror”. “Acrid Teeth”, “Anti Anthem” and “Weak” each last a little over one minute and change, but each have their own distinct personality. This isn’t generic blasting for the sake of blasting. “Enkla Svar” breaks it down to a lean, and distinct :31.

Though, they can definitely slow down and inflict just as much damage. The aforementioned “Tar Mirror” is one example of that, along with “Caved In” and album closer “Burdenless”, which stretches itself past the five minute mark, and shows a great command of dynamics.

Vilseledd is one crucial piece of chaotic, noisy hardcore. They have responded to their “close up” in the best possible way, by releasing one of the best loud rock albums of the year.

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