With members hailing from both Portland, Oregon, and Brooklyn, New York, Gold Casio is a funktastic nu-disco band, similar to Chromeo or Jungle, with grooves capable of rocking bodies from coast to coast. Four vocalists, and four additional bandmates are used for percussion, synths, and other delicious sounds. Gold Casio dropped their first EP Fever Dreams in 2017, which turned out to be a fantastically groovy debut. For their sophmore record, Gold Casio recorded Sinners EP inside a 19th century church in Portland, making for a project as ironically unholy as it sounds.

Sinners EP is quenchingly groovy. The swiftfullness and euphoria of some moments on this EP are fantastic. The title track, “Sinners” has excellent and highly soothing female vocals, with wanderous stomping production and a swooning chorus. “Make You Mine” showcases some of the groups best vocal mixing. Working a dancehall beat with daft punk-esque vocals, the song features a super groovy and sexy dance break.

“Dawn Awakening” is lush and wispy, with trancy, danceable production and irresistibly dreamy refrains. The closing track, “Lake of Fire”, is one of the biggest left-turns on the album, with it’s dramatic lyric and production — and when the chorus hits, Gold Casio deliver one of the high points on the record with brilliantly soaring vocals. “Love vs Logic” is the lone miss on the project, starting with an acceptable level of quirk, before veering off into an overly-cutesy pop track. On this EP, Gold Casio embrace an even more experimental effort than heard on their 2017 Fever Dreams EP.

With Sinners EP, Gold Casio creates a colorful and glamorous project, full of wonder and spectacle. Our favorite song on the EP would either be “Sinners” or “Make You Mine”, with a majority of the tracks being great and the project overall foregoing very few missteps. Gold Casio’s live shows are said to generate pure vibrancy and sex appeal through their visuals, sound and energy, so check out this new EP, and go see Gold Casio live!

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