Harvester Of Bongloads
(Opoponax Records)

Goya really (please excuse the pun)… packs these songs in on Harvester Of Bongloads. Coming in just around 40 minutes with only four tracks, Goya’s newest release sprinkles brief melody through its thick and dense presence. This is solid stoner metal, coming in and weaving its way into the listener’s ear with distortion and a physical heaviness. The layout is pretty standard from what one has come to expect of stoner metal, and there is nothing wrong with that. With terrific mood, heaviness, and groove, Goya have made one catchy record.

“Omen” is a single track coming in at 20 minutes and seven seconds, inspired by the likes of Rush’s 2112. After a long and distant opening, the song lingers in with thick distortion and a sinister ring. The vocals add to the mood of the music as a whole and create a layer of haze. With taking up the majority of the record, “Omen” is a solid atmosphere setter and never gets stale. The halfway point brings in this great rock jam that helps to establish the misty progression to the end.

“Germination” and “Misanthropy On High” are the tracks where we find those brighter bits of melody. “Germination” is more prominent with this use, for the tone is the brightest, and never fully dives back into the shadowy droning of the previous track. With more of a groove coming in with the drumming, “Disease” kicks off the end with catchy adrenaline. Straying from the straight forward draw of stoner songs, the title takes on a bigger rock and roll approach with clashing cymbals and dusty solos.

Harvester of Bongloads does well in establishing a moody presence, and creating some good trance inducing music. This trance however is built on elements of droning (being the primary component), and melody. This creates an album that allows listeners to partake in a more active sense, or lay back and chill out. If you haven’t heard of Goya before, then this is the place to start, for this record makes for a great addition to anyone’s stoner collection.

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