Graf Orlock: a concept that has consistently released blistering “cinema grinde” since its inception in 2003.  Although these guys do a little more than just grind, their releases showcase a number of genres executed by proficient and technical musicians, even though their songs are one-fourth samples. They move in and out of parts within a matter of quick second changes: chugs, blast beats, double bass patterns, and two vocalists. Chaos.

Examination of Violent Cinema doesn’t lack in anything that makes up Graf Orlock, the GORLOCK we have all come to love; they are definitely not reinventing themselves, the genre they seem to have created, or hardcore, for that matter. However, they do try out different rhythmic styles on this LP. They give us the standard-issue, relentless blasts, but they allow themselves to exist more in a driving, mid-tempo pocket, occasional doom-esque parts, and definitely more melody than we have heard from them in the past. But with the exception of a couple of songs, they do not take many risks.

I do, however, want to focus on the last three songs of the record. To me, “Extreme Measures,” “Rooftop Anarchy,” and “Almost Human” are three songs that stand out from the rest of the record in a way that I wish the whole LP caught my attention. “Almost Human” especially captured me to the point where I have had it on repeat. It features Driving bass and creepy synths with rolling guitars, layered vocals, and samples.

This band is a powerhouse, and they know how to deliver what we all want to hear from them. I would have loved to hear more risks or change-ups in their music, but pleasing me is not their M.O.  If you love Gorlock, you will love this record. If you don’t believe that this band has the staying power in 2018, you should probably see them live, preferably on the floor of the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA.

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