Graham Bonnet Band
The Book
(Frontiers Music)

Outstanding rocker Graham Bonnet has a rock solid voice and the band is very impressive and enjoyable to listen to. There are two CDs in this compilation which couldn’t have been better assembled in order to entertain you. In fact, it such an impressive story that they are sure to win Grammys. The first song “Into the Night,” is of rock import if not history, which is the flavor of all of the songs on this album. Classic rock at its best, an epic sound seems to be influenced not only by lots of experience and professionalism, that draws from many styles of music.

Some of you who may not be familiar with Graham Bonnet, allow me to introduce you to his perfect style, and melodic voice full of character, he poses as a narrator dazzling us with theatrical embellishments. He is better known for bands like Rainbow, MSG, and Alcatrazz, he has made many hit songs in his career. These songs are original and refined, with lyrical story-like themes from “Hiroshima Mon Amour” to “Lost in Hollywood”.

You might not have heard of these players, Conrad Pesinato – Guitars, Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass, Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards, Mark Zonder – Drums, they are terrific and even if you don’t read a lot, this is a story worth listening to many times.

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