It’s been two years, since this noise rock wrecking crew from New Haven, Connecticut, unleashed their debut album, Destructoid on the world and in that time the band has stayed relatively quiet, playing a few shows,  and dealing with a few hardships that come with being in a band. They released an EP of rerecorded early songs called 5 Wasted Years last year, but for the most part, they were relatively quiet. It left a few people wondering when the band would release some new material. 

Well, surprise, surprise, as Grizzlor come roaring in the form of this four song 7″ EP. If anything, the songs contained herein show that the band has gotten even more aggressive and misanthropic since their last missive. There is an pissed off punk energy to these four songs, that shows the band coming back, and coming back swinging. 

“The Take Off” is 1:49 of noisy, urgent invective, while “Warp Speed” keeps that foot on the gas peddle for more of the same. “Extraterrestrial Space Flight” goes even faster, but provides a little break in the relentless pace, before going fast again to its finish. “Space Nuke” is more relentlessly paced noise punk in under two minutes. 

Coolness Factor 6 proves that Grizzlor is angrier and more pissed off than ever. It’s quite a cool slice of punky noise rock. Welcome back, guys. We missed you. 

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