Hands of Despair pull from almost every metal genre to create their own take on blackened doom with Well of the Disquieted. 

The record relies on up-tempo time changes and fast percussion to create a technical, driving sound, layered with occasional doom riffs and interludes that give it a lot of character. While it does end up sounding a bit scattered or unfocused during some of the moments on the album, overall it coalesces into a pretty unique-sounding release, and the songs and riffs work well together and make for a compelling record.

“Doppleganger” is one of the heaviest songs on the album, with some of the tightest percussion and catchiest riffs, and “La Salve,” the last track on the release, is a personal favorite, as it stands out as one of the doomiest and most depressive.

While this album is a bit all over the place during some moments, this is definitely recommended for fans of more technical, brutal black metal.

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