When one thinks of instrumental doom, the heaviest of the heavies often come to mind. But while bands like Bongripper or Sunn O))) can create a crushingly heavy landscape, Hawkmoth take that same heavy aggression and channel it into something a little more controlled.

Part post-doom, part atmospheric sludge, and laced with a good deal more melody than one would expect from a group so experimental, Hawkmoth, hailing from Australia, just released their second album after a four-year hiatus. They more than make their listeners happy with this latest release. While it stays down to earth in terms of tempo and general speed, it also soars to new heights when it comes to melody and unique riffs.

“Mala Fide” stands out as one of the cleanest and most memorable tracks on the  record, with atmospheric melodies that could create anything between a sonic journey and wonderful song to zone out to at a show. “Ibex” is another stellar standout, complete with soaring riffs and rattling drums.

This record comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to get lost in some truly good and beautiful music that will inspire, never bore and keep your head nodding.

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