No Cash Value
(Learning Curve)

Atantla’s noise rock miscreants Hawks have been preaching the gospel of downturned, scuzzy punk for about a decade, leaving behind a worthy collection of LPs for those who like it down and dirty, as well, burning down whatever stage they happened to be playing. They were one of Atlanta’s best kept not-so-secret-bands.

But all good things must come to an end, as the band recently called it quits, but not before releasing one last salvo of unsavory pigfuckery for their loyal listeners.

No Cash Value has the band going out in top form, because from front to back it’s filled with top of the line scuzzed out punk bangers. “Tone Deaf” opens the proceeds in all its lurching, skronked out, while “Dust Up” jacks up the aggression quite a bit. “Blacktop” features some delicate strumming at its beginning before turning into a rhythmic jackhammer of a song. “Luckless” closes out the album proper with nearly seven minutes of propulsive noise punk.

While it’s really too bad to see them go, at least they went out on a high note, because No Cash Value is one corker of an album.

Purchase the album here.

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