Heavy Things
(InVogue Records)

If you grew up on 90s alternative rock, then Heavy Things should be right up your alley. With heartfelt, darkly emotional lyrics, cool instrumental work, and a soothing voice, Goner is a soundtrack built on the connection between the hardships of life and the saving grace of music. From its opening with the quietly building “Bones”, the album resonates with ease, immediately producing an element of deep contemplation and realization. Of course, Goner goes from that introductory note and expands upon it with every track that follows. The chorus behind “Sold” is an intelligent and difficult one to hear (“But I’ve been sold on the same old dreams, like changing scenery will change anything / No matter the distance, I’ll always be, at arm’s length who I want to be…”), but deeply memorable and powerful. Heavy Things go on to make this a pattern within their music; whether it be the real topics found in “Salt Stains” (“I’ll run to you like I always do / I’ll get tripped up by the cracks in the concrete / The confidence I lack will make me run to you like I always do…”) or “Car” (“I found God on the way back from your funeral / I left Him alone at the side of the road on the drive home / Hope He knows it’s personal, because I can’t let this go…” ), the band sure seems to have your psyche covered. Built on strong instrumental work, commanding lyrics, and excellent vocals, Goner is a record most definitely worthy of your attention and praise.

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