Hedonistic Noise
Silence Is More Musical
(Byzantion Records)

Cut to the barest bone, Istanbul’s Hedonistic Noise stands out as a punk band for the disintegrating global age. If the center truly cannot hold, then this three-piece, standing at the crossroads of civilizations and history, are screeching at the apex of the fall.

The opening song, “Everything You Hear Is A Lie” is a raw, bloody-throated punk number delivered with hardly a breath. That title refrain comprises most of the song that is sung in a harried, blown out manner, like a suburban hot rod racing up and down the street without a muffler. Over the first five tracks on Silence Is More Musical that’s the zeitgeist, rage, repetition, which sung in Turkish comes across as inspiring.
The EP veers off on the last two tracks, “Yanilgi” and “Kim Inandirabilirdi” leaning on more cohesive, more pop punk concept than the screeching previous tracks. While these songs aren’t sung in English, they’re delivered with punk rock’s air of universality, angst, alienation and shelter seeking from the storm. They are a couple of gems.

I’ll give this EP a couple of hearty thumbs up, with the caveat that there is simply not enough of it to go ‘round. Seven songs, roughly twenty-two minutes, spanning a couple of genres, I’m all in on where this is headed, but this merely scratches the surface.

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