A World Within Flesh

Hellkeeper is a metallic hardcore band from upstate New York that plays a raging style of hardcore that is chaotic and out of control. Think of Converge with a more pronounced black metal influence and you come close to what they sound like. This is not your garden variety, chugga chugga breakdown metallic hardcore, it is so much more, offering the listener one hell of cathartic listen. It’s very primal.

On their sophomore recording, A World Within Flesh, they lay down one hell of a memorable racket, that is a bit off kilter, but better for it. Their meshing of these two types of loud rock is seamless. Not only do you get black metal in the mix, but there are also traces of crust and trad metal, too. All these influences give their hardcore extra heft.

“Obscure” starts off the album at a doomy, deliberate pace, with some trad metal accents coming from the guitar, then the song just shifts into hyperspeed and goes right for the throat. “Henbane”, “Winter” and “Drown” are blasty shots of noise which burn with uncontrollable energy, while “Quietus” mines a slower and more ominous pace. “Threadbare” throws some clean, and detached vocals to the mix, playing a perfect counterpoint to vocalist/guitarist Paul Butler’s patented feral howl.

A World Within Flesh should get more eyes, and ears, rightfully on them. It’s a beast of an album that portends great things from them in the future. Don’t miss out.

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