Swiss progressive sludge powerhouses HEROD just unleashed a brand new record, Sombre Dessein via Pelagic Records,that is just as powerful as it is heavy.

This record is groovy, riff-heavy, and most importantly, it holds your attention. If you, like me, come more from the punk and grind side of metal, the word “progressive” can cause your brain to momentarily glaze over, but have no fear. The key words here are sludge and heavy, so if you’re a fan of the slow, doomy stuff more so than the noodly stuff, this is going to really appeal to you.

Another way to say it is, everything HEROD do seems to have a clear point to it. Unlike some prog records that get a bit lost, the music is driven towards heavy, breaking crescendos that result in amazing breakdowns and soft interludes perfect for accompanying the hasher bits.

According to the press release, another claim to fame for this record is that it was recorded and mixed by Swiss engineer Julien Fehlman and mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna. The professional touch on the record really shows, as there is a lot of attention to detail that allows the progressive riffs to shine and stand out over the relentless heaviness.

Purchase the album here. 


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