Certain bands have a level of chemistry to them that coats their work in such a way where nothing seems out of place. This can be a detriment to some, who could benefit from a more spontaneous, less defined approach, but for others like The High Divers, that kind of consistency is their key resource.

Although the album was recorded before the group suffered a serious and potentially devastating van accident on tour, Chicora has the feeling of a triumphant survival tale. With its vibrant, Petty-like rockers and engaging, down-home grooves; the album reanimates the best sounds and recorded feel of the much mythologized 1970s in a way that acts as a compliment to the decade, rather than an outright tracing of it. It isn’t meant to sound retro, only natural, and Chicora maintains that from start to finish. This is the proper evolution of a sound, filtered through modern times and the personal experience of 4 talented musicians who were fortunate enough to find one another and weather some extremely difficult circumstances together. That can’t be manufactured, and we’re all the better for it. Standout tracks include “Weighing On My Mind”, “Waiting For Your Love”, “Should Be Over This By Now”, “Making Me Want You”, and “Bend.”

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