Club Dragon
(Krod Records)

It must be admitted that a wave of excitement came over me when I saw the “recommended for fans of” list regarding Hightower. Four Year Strong will always generate excitement. The Story So Far will always turn heads. But the last band listed. A name that will get you stretching, dusting off for stage dives and, if nothing else, dancing. Lifetime. While hard to fill, these punk rock kids do a fantastic job filling those dancing shoes. Especially from across the ocean of New Jersey. I’m talking of course about Hightower and their latest release Club Dragon.

These five punk kids, hailing from Paris, France, keep the punk heart beating with their latest release. As they state themselves, Hightower was founded on the 90s punk scene, which can be easily heard if you’re not too busy stage diving off of your own furniture. From start to finish of Club Dragon, the Hightower boys blend their influences fantastically. Ranging from late 90s punk to current pop punk in a way that I thought was lost and happily, proven wrong. Hightower generates an energy that would be found in an at capacity basement show. Complete with melodic vocals over fast hardcore-punk riffs that will do anything but generate “just a quite evening” (I couldn’t help it). These guys are definitely a band to follow and judging from their video for “The Party,” worth leaving your “cocoons nest” to catch a live show.

Purchase the album here: Krod Records | Hightower


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