The Reign
(The End Records)

Hinder is back with their sixth studio album entitled The Reign. I remember the first time I saw Hinder. They were playing in my hometown opening for Theory of a Deadman. While both bands were good, Hinder had that extra something… even then. I just knew they would be successful. They have certainly done well, but have also seen the darker side of the industry too.

In 2012, Hinder’s then-lead vocalist, Austin Winkler, entered rehab for a drug addiction. In 2013, Winkler, left the band for “personal reasons.” Austin Winkler has that amazing voice that brought the Hinder tunes to life. I was so damn disappointed, and admittedly, haven’t followed them closely in a while.

When I saw the newest release, The Reign, I decided it was time to see how the band has evolved. Original band members, guitarist Joe “Blower” Garvey and drummer Cody Hanson are joined by rhythm guitarist Mark King, bassist Mike Rodden and lead vocalist Marshal Dutton (formerly of Faktion). While the vocals are different, the raw, nasty, balls out rock n’ roll that Hinder was built on is still alive and well! These guys have always been able to play gritty, guitar-laden rock n’ roll in its rawest form. Great hooks, kick-ass riffs, groaning bass lines and nasty drumming meld together to form some tremendous arena rock tunes.

While the addition of Marshal Dutton’s vocals gives the band a different vibe, the band has obviously found their groove with him and it certainly shows on this newest release! Dutton’s vocals are gritty while still having a silky quality that fits the band perfectly. Nasty and sweet at the same time. He can wail out a badass rock tune and in the next breath sing a tender ballad, which is one of Hinder’s major successes.

This album has 11 awesome tunes that should keep any rock fan happy from start to finish. I’m thrilled to see that Hinder is still making relevant, fresh music. Woohoo! Favorite tunes on the album include “Loser’s Salute,” “Making It Hard,” “Long Gone,” and “Burn It Down.” I highly recommend that you grab this newest offering from Hinder.

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